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Jun-Mid Front-end JavaScript developer (Angular)

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Key skills: JavaScript; AngularJS / Angular; Less / Sass
Jun-Mid Front-end JavaScript developer (Angular)

Our company is a modern approach in online casino world! 
Our product team is in search of a front-end developer with strong knowledge in JavaScript to join our product family helping us implementing new features, maintaining, optimizing and improving the codebase of our project.

Company is built with MEAN-stack using AngularJS and rich JS/CSS technologies. Currently our FE part is being maintained and improved by our lead full-stack and one front-end expert and we would like someone to join our front-end team to work with our main technologies used: 

  • angular
  • websockets / rest
  • scss
  • gulp
  • ES6/TypeScript

Requirements (is a must):

  • previous javascript experience
  • previous experience with less/sass
  • previous angularjs/angular experience


  • build markup for our new features
  • animate our content
  • help us improving our angularjs client
  • help us migrating to angular5
  • help us making our product perfect 

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed